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Thousands of homeowners looking at pre-construction are faced with a stressful dilemma of owning two homes down the road. Or, just as bad, if you sell first before occupancy, you could end up homeless. It's what insiders in the industry call the Real Estate Catch 22, and it's an extremely anxious position to find yourself in.

This financial and emotional tightrope is one you usually have to walk alone because most Agents have no way of helping you with this predicament. But we have created a unique Guaranteed Sale Program which solves this dilemma. This program guarantees the sale of your present condo at a time convenient to you. If your home doesn't sell in 120 days, we will buy it from you ourselves for the previously agreed price ensuring that you never get caught in the Real Estate Catch 22.

This is a really important guarantee for you as a homeseller, and you win no matter what happens. Let us explain:

  • In the unlikely event that your home does not sell within the 120 day period, we will buy your home ourselves for the upfront guaranteed sale price we set together.

  • but you’re doubly protected, because if you receive an offer on your home that is higher than the guaranteed sale price, you get the higher offer, not us.

So we’re taking all the risk. You know your home will sell, and you know you will always get to benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s our guaranteed sale price, or a higher offer from an outside buyer).

To help you learn more about this program and how it can make your move less stressful, a FREE special report has been prepared entitled "How to Avoid Getting Stuck with Two Homes".

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