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We will be in touch shortly.  While you're waiting, here are our Top 3 Ways To Get The Best Pre Construction Condo. 


1.Investing 101 - The Most In Demand Suites. 

When you are investing in new condos, whether you live there or not, the biggest demand will be in 1+den or 2 bed suites.  When you want to rent them out, the best thing about these units is they usually attract a two income couple, so that if one loses their job, you still have someone capable of paying your rent.

2.Don't Buy the Sizzle, Buy the Steak!

When it comes to real estate, the steak is the right location near transit, infrastructure, local employers. Therefore, don't buy for the fancy finishes, marble floors, spa/swimming pool, that type of sizzle doesn't increase the value over time. Location is the key.

3.Senior, Not Junior.

Partnering up with a junior developer can lead to delays and frustration. A standard 3 year project can take extra years with an inexperienced developer. You want to vet your builder (or let us do it for you) as the senior builders have the connections and savvy to close on time. They also ensure permits/approvals are in place before they launch. That is why we only endorse projects by senior developers. 

These staples have provided our buyers with immense satisfaction. Read some testimonials here.